CBA's Adopted People


For nearly 3,000 years the Kurds have lived along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, the cradle of civilization. This places their beginnings at the very source of the nations and the immediate vicinity of history’s most important events. They are considered the most oppressed people in history. There are thirty-five million Kurds, making them the largest people group in the world without a country of their own.  While fighting for independence, they have suffered much at the hands of the various governments that surround them. Thousands of people have been killed, thousands of villages destroyed in their struggle to maintain their identity and culture.


It is the mission of the Carolina Baptist Association to reach out to the Kurds with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to see people come to Christ, native churches started, and local leaders trained who will reach even more of the Kurdish people with God’s Word. This mission is not a once-and-done project. It will take many years of  devoted, called volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their time and money to lead a population to Christ.


Ways to Help

Pray - This work cannot be successful unless the Lord does the work. Pray for the team leaders as they build their teams to minister to the Kurdish people. Pray for the safe travel of the groups that are going over to Central Asia. Pray for the hearts and minds of the Kurds to be open to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Give - There are many people who would love to be a part of this outreach but lack the funds to do so. Your monetary gift would allow these people to be used by the Lord.  If  you feel the Lord leading you to give, please forward your check to the Carolina Baptist Association and designate your gift for the Kurdish people.

Go - Search the Lord’s will for your life. Do you feel Him calling you to this particular people group and area to help spread the Gospel? If so, call the Association (693-4274) or Mike Smith, Director of Missions, (606-4631) for more information on available resources to get you started on your journey.