Women of Carolina​

Women's Ministry of Carolina Baptist Association

WOC Mission Statement:  Ladies belonging to the Body of Christ coming together to teach, encourage and love others according to his Holy Word.

Women of Carolina offer mentoring and consultation to local churches interested in Women's Ministry.  We can provide training in many areas including starting a Women's Ministry, leading Bible studies, growing your team, reaching the community, and designing/planning events for women. 


For more information, please contact Becky Wuerzer, CBA Women's Ministry Director at 828-272-5060.

Women of Carolina

Below are some of the training topics we offer:


Working with Wounded Women

Many women are hurt or guilt-ridden.  God is the answer!  His Word contains the truth they need to move forward.  It is helpful to be aware of how to touch these lives in a positive way.  They are looking for authenticity in God's people. 

Embracing Leadership

It is helpful for leadership teams or individual leaders to be aware of leadership traits and values that God wants us to exhibit as leaders. His Word has much to say on this topic. 


Facilitating Women's Bible Study

There are so many options for women's Bible study today.  Learn how to choose the best method of study for your women, teaching techniques, facilitating discussion, and how to keep women interested in God's Word.  

Meet Your Women of Carolina Team:  Becky Wuerzer, Team Leader, Amy Singletary, Brenda Duke, Emily Klumpp, Katy Gash, Marie Aguirre, Nancy McKnight, Paula Janes, Rebecca Moon, Summer Cannon, Suzanne Tilley, and Vernie Pace.

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About our Speaker

Robin King is a passionate speaker, teacher and writer who uses storytelling and humor to motivate women to hunger for the life-changing transforming power of the word.  Robin is life-long resident of the "Bull City," Durham, NC.  While she has never cleaned a fish, she has been married to Rod, the "Big Eye Crappie Man" for 33 years.  She is the mother of Caitlin, mother-in-law to Bradley, and "Bobbie" to our sweet grandchildren, Lillie and Callum!  She makes her bed every day, has a song and dance move for every situation, an avid NC State Wolfpack fan, and attempts to consistently exercise with enthusiasm.  A self-professed lover of sweets she considers herself a connoisseur of Rice Krispy Treats!

About our Praise and Worship Leader

Pauline Heiny has led worship for over 20 years in many different capacities from retreats, women's events, church worship teams and as a worship leader during her husband's time serving as head pastor at Northview Church in Fletcher, NC.  She currently serves in worship ministry at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Hendersonville, NC.

About our Breakout Sessions

Brenda Blackburn-Hallelujah Even Here: Finding Purpose in Your Pain
In 2015, Davey Blackburn, son of Brenda and David Blackburn, walked into his home early one morning in November after working out at the gym to find his wife, Amanda, lying on the floor, unresponsive.  Amanda was 14 weeks pregnant with their 2nd child.  No matter if you are in the midst of a trial, a testing, a tragedy, or a transition, or if you have not experienced any of this yet, come hear how one family found ways to turn their pain into purpose.  Can we actually train for a trial we are not yet in?  Yes, we can.  Brenda will share about their story and how God was there in the midst of the most horrific time of their lives, how they found purpose in their pain and how they were still able to say, "Hallelujah Even Here."

Cristin Ratkowski -Enter His Gates with the Lord by Understanding your Identity in Him
In this breakout session we will be learning about the Enneagram, and how we can use this powerful tool as a way to grow in self awareness and empathy.  Scripture says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that we are created in the Lord's image.  But, the enemy will try to attack our identity, making us believe lies about who we are - daughters of the King.  As we learn about the Enneagram we can use it as a tool to identify specific lies and replace them with TRUTH!

Susan Marshall - Enter His Gates with an Amazing Marriage
If you are married, being a godly wife is part of your calling from the Lord.  But at times it's hard to know how to do this.  Join us as we explore God's Word and uncover biblical "secrets" to help us live our our calling as godly wives.  With the Lord's help, we can honor Him by becoming the wives He wants us to be.

Marie Aguirre - Enter His Gates with Gratitude and Joy (Entra por sus puerta con gratitude y gozo)
Come with gratitude all the time; don't be distracted from the Lord who has opened the door of His grace, because in His presence there is an abundance of joy.
Ven con agradecimiento en todo tiempo y no distraigas tu mirada del Senor quien ha abierto las puerta al trono de la gracia, porque en su presencia hay plenitud de gozo.

Tracy Mecham - Preparing for Greater - A Virtuous Woman
Ruth while in a foreign land, with only her mother-in-law, Naomi, stayed obedient and faithful to the Lord as she prepared for Greater.

Becky Wuerzer - Enter His Gates...Bring Someone
Who is your one?  Come learn from Biblical examples of people who encourage others to keep true to the Lord.  We will also look at the value of mentorship and/or an accountability partner.  Look at your own life to see who you can be intentional to encourage along this path of life.  Thus, entering His gates with Someone.

Michelle and Selah Grace Henderson - Enter His Gates with a Beautiful Wedding Invitation
Are you weary and discouraged? Come enter His gates with a beautiful wedding invitation!  So many times Selah and I have learned to put on His Garment of Praise and enter His gates with praise and worship  On June 24, 2020 we were given a day that was so powerful.  Throughout that day I heard scriptures and saw heavenly scenes.  We would love to share this day and snippets of others with you.

Selah Grace is now 11 years old and has battled stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma cancer since the age of 4.  Together with her mother, Michelle, they have learned to face loss, trauma and hard challenges with Jesus as the strongest cord of three strands!  Throughout Selah's journey, oncologists all along the Eastern Seaboard have said that she would have learning disabilities. Clearly God has great plans for her.  At age 5 Selah Grace laid in a hospital bed in a deep coma.  We were told she may never wake up, but God!  Selah has such a heart for Him and to this day she is learning to become a living sacrifice.  Even through severe hearing loss, she has been given a talent for singing and writing songs.  She is a tiny lethal weapon that goes into battle with songs of praise on her lips!