Women of Carolina​

Women's Ministry of Carolina Baptist Association

Women of Carolina offer mentoring and consultation to local churches interested in Women's Ministry.  We can provide training in many areas including starting a Women's Ministry, leading Bible studies, growing your team, reaching the community, and designing/planning events for women. 


For more information, please contact Becky Wuerzer, CBA Women's Ministry Director at 828-272-5060.

Women of Carolina

Below are some of the training topics we offer:


Working with Wounded Women

Many women are hurt or guilt-ridden.  God is the answer!  His Word contains the truth they need to move forward.  It is helpful to be aware of how to touch these lives in a positive way.  They are looking for authenticity in God's people. 

Embracing Leadership

It is helpful for leadership teams or individual leaders to be aware of leadership traits and values that God wants us to exhibit as leaders. His Word has much to say on this topic. 


Facilitating Women's Bible Study

There are so many options for women's Bible study today.  Learn how to choose the best method of study for your women, teaching techniques, facilitating discussion, and how to keep women interested in God's Word.  

Gideon Bible Study

Tuesdays, August 3 - September 14, 2021

Carolina Baptist Association - Downstairs
6-7:30pm (Study, 6-7; Optional Q/A, 7-7:30pm)
Books are $10

When we hear the name Gideon, most of us think about his 300 soldiers or a fleece spread beneath the evening sky.  But Gideon's story is so much bigger than that.  This is a story about God and His people.  His love for them, as well as His strength operating in spite of, even through, their weakness.  This 7-session study led by Becky Wuerzer and Suzanne Tilley, will encourage you to recognize your weakness as the key that the Lord gives you to unlock the full experience of His strength in your life.  Instead of ignoring, neglecting, or trying to escape your weaknesses, learn to see them as the gifts given specifically and strategically by God.  If you've ever felt insufficient, ill-equipped, incompetent, or outnumbered, this study is for you.  

If you would like to meet virtual on Thursdays from 6-7pm contact Becky Wuerzer at rmwuerzer@gmail.com.