Church Camp Scholarships

Carolina Baptist Association has been blessed with financial resources to assist children who attend a CBA church to participate at a Christian camp. 


These scholarships are for children who attend a CBA church that need financial assistance attending a Christian camp. Scholarships are for children only (no chaperones).


One grant per child is permissible per calendar year. 

 Scholarship grants shall not exceed half of the cost of the camp, or the $150.00 maximum  grant amount. 

 Applications must come from and be VOTED on by a CBA church and be in the association office by the first Monday of each month to be considered by the association’s Leadership Team on the third Monday of each month. Application must be signed by the pastor and a parent/guardian.

Scholarships must be turned in by May 1 of each year to be approved. Any requests outside of this time frame will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

 All requests will be prayerfully considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to approval of the Leadership Team and availability of funds. Scholarships should only be requested if a financial need exists. It is the responsibility of the church/pastor to determine and confirm this need. 

 Scholarships are for the applicant only. If not used for the approved purpose, the funds are to be returned. If the purpose/intent changes, please call the association office as soon as possible for consideration/approval of changes