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Carolina Baptist Association is a group of 51 Southern Baptist Churches.  We are located in Hendersonville, NC (Henderson County).  We have banded together for the purpose of missions, evangelism, ministry, education and fellowship.  Our function is to be an encourager and edifier of the churches.

Carolina Baptist Association is 146 years old, established in 1877.  Click here for our history. 

The initial mission and vision of the Association has expanded and changed thru the years.  It will continue to so in order to meet the needs of our churches and the world around us that we attempt to reach.  Click here to view our Mission, Vision and Structure.


Carolina Baptist Association seeks to help churches work together in anything the Lord leads them to do that can be done better in cooperation with other churches.  It offers resources such as materials, services and equipment that churches do not need often enough to acquire individually.

The Association provides fellowship and training for church leaders.  Ministers (not just pastors) meet every Monday morning at the Baptist Resource Center.  Associational leaders respond to any church requests for information, training or encouragement.


Call is at (828) 693-4274.  We are here to help you!

Semi-Annual Meetings

Spring Meeting - Barker Heights Baptist Church on April 23, 2024 at 7:00pm

Fall Meeting - October 15, 2024 at Fruitland Baptist Bible College at

5:30pm (Dinner) and 7:00pm (Meeting)

NC Baptists: Who We Are

What is a Baptist Association?

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