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Deep Impact (Students)
June 17-22, 2024


DI mission teams are made up of students in 6th-12th grades and their adult leaders. Students are hosted at Fruitland Baptist Bible College during the camp week, and for them, this is both a mission trip and a camp week. As such, they are on mission sites four days during the week, usually from 9:00am until 2:30pm. 

Project Types:


  • Children's Ministry: Work with children in a variety of settings, sharing the gospel through VBS-style activities, in addition to other possible methods.

  • Construction: Work in areas of construction, painting and landscaping to help someone in need.  Examples include: debris cleanup, accessibility ramps, drywall work, etc.

  • Sports and Recreation: Use sports camps, recreation centers, among other methods to share the gospel in the community.

  • Senior Adult Ministry: Work with seniors in the community.  Examples include nursing homes, senior centers, life enrichment centers, and special needs adults.

  • Community Outreach: Use acts of kindness to earn the opportunity to share the gospel. Examples include free laundry, water distribution, car washes, etc.

If you have any questions call Rebecca Moon at 828-693-4274, Monday-Thursday from 9-4.

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